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WRITTEN BY: Caitlin McGeehan

This Friday, October 30th, at 7PM, WHIP Radio is hosting its first ever Rocktober! You can tune in to the show featuring local bands Bristoltooth and Soul Pistola on iHeartRadio, or watch the stream on Twitch and Instagram live!

So, what’s Rocktober?

Throughout the month of October, WHIP’s Instagram has been home to weekly bracket-style competitions between Philly artists. Followers voted for their favorite band from that week’s match-up via Instagram story polls. The final two rounds with the final four artists afforded musical challenges: a cover of a classic rock song, and a cover of a childhood television show theme song. After all the votes were tallied from the final challenge this past weekend, Bristoltooth is the Rocktober live concert headliner, with Soul Pistola as the opener!

So now that you’ve gotten the recap, here’s the essentials you’ve got to have while you’re counting down to Rocktober and tuning in on Friday.

1. Homegrown Coffee and Creations Drinks

Take a trip to South Philly to visit our headlining sponsor, Homegrown Coffee and Creations! You can indulge in a morning-of Rocktober pick-me-up! They’ve got a huge selection of drinks from a ginger snap latte, chocolate chip cookie dough latte, a Green Goblin ( a caramel apple iced green tea) or a chai latte if you want to keep it classic. If you can’t get down to South Philly, make sure to follow Homegrown’s Instagram to keep up with their merch and mouth-watering coffees (it’ll be motivation to finish that paper early and take a trip!).

2. A Dyepolar tee

As their Instagram bio says, Dyepolar is committed to raising awareness for bipolar depression through their trippy dyes. Along with selling custom and pre-made tie-dyed tees, our sponsor Dyepolar provides informational resources about bipolar depression, with proceeds from their sales going to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. While you’re waiting for your tee in the mail, give them a follow on Instagram!

3. A place to rock out!

With the artists Bristoltooth and Soul Pistola that WHIP has lined up, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be rocking out during Friday’s concert. So, make your ‘rock out spot’ your own: speakers, your laptop or TV, your roomies, cozy Halloween socks– whatever gets you in the mood for an awesome virtual concert!


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