XAmbassadors @ The Fillmore


XAmbassadors hit the Fillmore on Thursday night and rocked Philly. Sam Harris began the show
by walking his brother out to the keys and proceeded to sing some of his classic songs like
“Unsteady” and “Renegades.” They also played some of their new unreleased songs from their
upcoming album, Joyful. I have to say that they are much better live than their pre-recorded tracks.
Not ever seeing XAmbassadors live before I was genuinely impressed with their set, sound, and
overall energy of the band. I have never seen an artist jump around the stage as much as Sam
Harris. Once I completed my fifteen minutes in front of the barricade I was wiped of all energy
trying to keep up with Sam Harris. His brother Casey Harris also killed it on the keys all night. I have never seen an artist incorporate a saxophone into their set and was practically a
center piece for the entire show. Without giving too much away the new music XAmbassadors is
coming out with is all new and different, but still has that same tone and vibe you get when you
listen to the current music they have out. For a show that was on Thursday night the turnout
was great. The Fillmore was packed to the bring with little space for mobility, which is great for
them but makes it a bit difficult to take photos. XAmbassadors put of a great performance and I
can expect to listen to their new album Joyful for a straight week once it drops sometime in