Biden thrills home crowd at PADems Annual fundraiser

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Written By: Jesse Dimich-Louvet

President Joe Biden made his fifteenth visit back to his home state since he took office Friday night at the Philadelphia Convention center during the PAdems annual fundraiser.

For the last few months, Pennsylvania has been at the heart of the political universe with the highly contested Senate race between Lt. Governor John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz.

The President was right at home starting with a “God I love Philly I love it so much I married a Philly girl,” before drawing his leg up onto the dais and flashing his iconic Phillies socks in a clear nod to the World Series opener. Biden jokingly told the crowd “I know Phillies are playing so I’ll make it quick,” before going on a thirty-minute rant about the federal deficit, abortion, Social Security checks, banning assault weapons, to the economy. Though he tailored to the older crowd in attendance by talking at length about Medicare.

He started by laying out his intention of codifying Roe v Wade in January to make it the federal law of the land if the Republicans propose a federal abortion ban. “I will veto it, ” Biden told the crowd.

In a made-for-tv moment, the president ironically said “god bless” Fetterman’s opponent Dr. Oz, citing his comment made at the debate Tuesday, that abortion should be between “women, her doctor and local political leaders.” Biden capped it off by making a cross sending the crowd into hysteria.

Biden acknowledged it had been a rough few years for many hard-working Americans, though acknowledged the bright spots, touting the improved job market under his presidency. Under the Biden presidency, 10 million jobs have been created since he took office, with unemployment at “its lowest it’s been in fifty years,” Biden said. The president also highlighted his infrastructure bill and his made-in-America policies. “We are exporting more while keeping American jobs here.”

Biden then went into Social Security checks and the importance of the affordable care act, before harping on fortune 500 companies not paying enough taxes.

Biden then poked fun at Republicans who object to forgiving student loans. “Give me a break. Were the ones reducing the deficit,” a snarky Biden said as he calmly took a sip of his water.

Biden was fully easing into the evening, even referring to himself in the third person. “That guy Biden has cut the deficit in half by $1.4 trillion, the largest cut in history,” the President said.

Biden painted his agenda as a stark contrast to that of the GOP with two different visions of America, asking the crowd of older Democrats: “what is the Republican agenda? This is not a referendum but a choice.” Before expressing the urgency of electing Democrats up the upcoming ballot. “This is the most important election of our lifetime and could shape what this country looks like.” On November 8h, everything is at stake and in the words of President Biden “it’s not hyperbole to suggest all eyes are on Pennsylvania.”


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