Miley’s Secret Wedding Uncovered

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WRITTEN BY: Natalie Fiorini

Love is in the air this Valentine’s season. Long time love birds Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth finally tied the knot. The long-anticipated wedding took place on December 23rd, 2018. Cyrus and Hemsworth have been on and off again for a decade.

When interviewed on the red carpet, Hemsworth shared that it was not difficult to pull off the secret wedding. He explained that only a small group of friends and mainly immediate family were in attendance. Both Cyrus and Hemsworth said that the wedding was a spur of the moment decision. The Hunger Games star even went on to say that their marriage comes as second nature to him, as they have been together for the better part of ten years. He also claims that his newfound married life is blissful.

It is no surprise that this pair has had their ups and downs. Meeting on set for The Last Song where they starred as the love-struck lead couple, Miley and Liam quickly took their love publicly. The relationship seemed to have been going great, as the two were frequently photographed in public, happy as can be. Soon after, at the age of eighteen, Miley found herself engaged to Liam.

The engagement lasted a significant amount of time, however it did not last. Everybody remembers the Wrecking Ball era! When Miley made her musical comeback in 2013, her relationship underwent extreme stress. It was soon made public that Miley and Liam were no longer together. After countless performances of Wrecking Ball, a brief fling with Patrick Schwarzenegger (among various others), and a completely new musical direction, it seemed as though Miley and Liam were done for real. There was no longer any hope… until there was!

In January of 2016, Miley and Liam were spotted together for the first time in years in Australia, which is where Liam is from. Slowly but surely more photos surfaced of the couple spending time together. Eventually, they took to social media to profess they are, in fact, back together.



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