PHOTOS/REVIEW: Moves Like Mac Saturn

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WRITTEN/PHOTOS BY: Will Kirkpatrick

There are already hundreds of radio stations with Foo Fighters, Tom Petty, and Red Hot Chili Pepper on repeat, so when the term classic rock revival gets thrown around it is hard to see it for more than just a marketing gimmick. But in a world with Greta Van Fleets running around, it is nice to hear something that wears its influences on their sleeve but layers a slick burnt orange jacket over it. Mac Saturn and the Billy Tibbals Band know how to dress up the sounds that inspired them. The February 2nd show at the Foundry was both groups’ first venture to the city of brotherly love. The crowd was modest in size and left plenty of room for people to dance.

The four-piece made up of Billy Tibbals (vocals and guitar), Darby O’Mahony (bass), Tristan Dean (guitar and vocals), and Reza Matin (drums), aptly named the Billy Tibbals Band, opened the night with a set that is hard to place as being too little or just enough. They paced their set extremely well and made 45 minutes go by in a blink of an eye. And for being in a new city with a relatively fresh-faced band, their stage presence and ability to entertain visually was great to see. Even with some songs that may feel a bit stale, the package of Billy Tibbals live was worth each note played. Tibbals mentioned their debut record would be coming out in April too.

This was just an appetizer for Mac Saturn, fronted by Carson Macc and joined by, Nick Barone (guitars and vocals), Jive Moses (bass), Angelo Coppola (drums), Mike Moody (guitar), and Evan Mercer (keys). The crowd waited, the lights dropped, the music started, and tension grew until Macc shot out to stage. His Keith Richards hair and Mick Jagger everything else was not standing on the shoulders of his predecessors but capturing the odd blend of grime and glitz that is seen on stage. Macc’s briefcase, held together by bright duct tape at the hinge, carried his tricks of the trade. His various maracas, cowbell, and who knows what else would be taken in and out as he saw fit. But Macc’s consistent stage breaks where he would swiftly go through the door on stage left until returning shortly later was the real mystery—but whatever sometimes those stage lights are a bit too much. They performed a new song called “Sleep” which was met with a large applause and hopefully solidified Mac Saturn’s feelings on the track.

Two sides of the same coin were shown tonight but each unique. Mac Saturn was a bit funkier and used their on-stage chemistry to put on a show. While Billy Tibbals was more straight forward 60s rock that had its grit. And for both artists the audience was eating it up. Everyone was vocal, shouting various things towards the musicians and the musicians throwing back various quips. The energy was there, and if you had been waiting for their stop in Philly you definitely left satisfied.

Mac Saturn:

  1. Diamonds
  2. Paradiso
  3. Persian Rugs
  4. Boxcutter
  5. Get on the Phone
  6. Ain’t Like You
  7. Sleep
  8. Mint Julep
  9. 5 Long Minutes
  10. Mr. Cadillac
  11. That’s’ Business
  12. Plain Clothes Gentleman

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