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WRITTEN BY: Baker McNamara

The three Haim sisters released their fourth single off their upcoming album set to be released on April 24th. Their new single, “The Steps” was released this past week along with an accompanying music video. This fun country-pop song delivers a huge punch filled with strong guitar riffs and smooth bass lines throughout, covered with lead singer Danielle Haim’s vocals. The music video, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, shows the three Haim sisters hastily slapping on lipstick over their messy faces while singing,

“Every time I think that I’ve been taking the steps/You end up mad at me for making a mess.”

What Haim gets right in this song is the fusion of the different country, pop, and alternative sounds they use to produce this song. The song immediately demands your attention with the strong drums and guitar in the beginning. “The Steps” like most Haim songs was written by the three sisters alongside their long time producer/collaborator Rostam (formerly of Vampire Weekend). Danielle Haim, middle child and lead singer of Haim, mans the drums and guitar heard throughout the song while Este Haim, bassist and oldest Haim sister,  delivers phenomenal bass throughout the song. Youngest Haim sister, Alana, does backup vocals throughout the song while also playing the acoustic guitar. 

Haim is set to release their new album Women in Music Part III on April 24th after almost 3 years since their last studio release of Something To Tell You. When asked about the reason behind the album title Danielle Haim told The Rolling Stones, “The name came to me in a dream and I woke up laughing, so I told my sisters,and Alana Haim said, “I liked it because we are literally women in music and we always get written about that way, so it seemed cool to make it our own and control the narrative, It made me think about some of our experiences more.”

As this is Haim’s last single release before the album the four songs already released already show a well developed and eclectic sound for the album, making this album release one of the most exciting of the year. 

You can stream a Women in Music Part III on all streaming platforms on April 24th.


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