Temple University's Student Run Radio Station




General Manager: Ed LeFurge | 732-600-6552 | elefurge@whipradiotu.com
Assistant General Manager of Programming: Ryan Frascella | 610-952-3478 | rfrascella@whipradiotu.com
Assistant General Manager of Business Services: Courtney Turnbull | 215-805-5956 | cturnbull@whipradiotu.com

Chief Engineer: TBD

Advisor: John DiCarlo | jdicarlo@temple.edu

Programming Staff

Program Director: Eric White | ewhite@whipradiotu.com

Sports Director: Matt Bevenour | mbevenour@whipradiotu.com
Asst. Sports Director: Max Mirkin | mmirkin@whipradiotu.com
News Director: Nate Weaver | nweaver@whipradiotu.com
Entertainment Director: Allie Amato | aamato@whipradiotu.com
Music Director: Jared Phillips | jphillips@whipradiotu.com
Asst. Music Director: Allison Salmon | asalmon@whipradiotu.com
Production Director: Morgan Quaintance | mquaintance@whipradiotu.com

Business Staff

Sales Director: Tori Wilder | 570-780-5613 | twilder@whipradiotu.com
Assistant Sales Director: TBD

Media Relations Staff

Digital Media Manager: Carli Showmaker | cshowmaker@whipradiotu
Social Media Coordinator: Siena Sohn | ssohn@whipradiotu.com
Copy Editor: Jon Ginsburg | jginsburg@whipradiotu.com

Promotions Staff

Promotions Director: Holly Martin | hmartin@whipradiotu.com
Asst. Promotions Director: Tyler Carmody | tcarmody@whipradiotu.com

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