Get Played

Want to hear your music on WHIP?

1) Check your songs for quality. We pride ourselves on the sound quality of our programming. For that reason, we do not accept music that doesn’t meet our minimum quality guidelines, which are:

  • Lossless files are all acceptable (.flac, .wav, .aiff, etc.).
  • MP3 files must have a bitrate at or higher than 192 kbps (320 kbps highly preferred).
  • AAC files must have a bitrate at or higher than 128 kbps (320 kbps highly preferred).
  • DRM-protected files such as .m4p or .wma will not be accepted.
  • You can check your song quality in iTunes (or a similar program) by hitting (Ctrl+I or Cmd+I) while highlighting the song.

2) Check your songs for vulgarities. Although we are an online station, we provide an industry-accurate learning environment for our on and off air staff. We follow FCC regulations relating to profanity and will not accept any music containing lyrics we deem inappropriate for airplay. If you don’t know how to edit your music professionally, you can follow this easy tutorial.

3) Send it to us! You can either send us a burned CD with just the tracks you want reviewed for airplay or your entire album with a note specifying the tracks you want reviewed. Also, be sure to include your name and a short bio about yourself. For virtual submissions, fill out this google form and send an email to our Music Director at to notify them to look over your submission. 

All submissions should be mailed to:

Attn: Music Director
WHIP Radio, TECH Suite 108
c/o Temple University
1801 North Broad St
Philadelphia, PA 19122

We also accept any promotional CD’s (either dirty or clean) as well as promotional merchandise.


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