Down To Football? (New Episodes on Wednesdays)
Just three guys who are down to football. The hosts, Colin, Sean, and Nick are here to fill you in on all the happenings of the NFL on a weekly basis. They’ll cover weekly updates, give you fantasy advice, make game predictions, and so much more. All you will need is to be down to football.

The Philly Philly Sports Podcast
The Philly Philly Sports Podcast is a podcast where we talk about the greatest sports city in the world. This show dives into the five major Philadelphia sports teams including the Eagles, 76ers, Flyers, Union, and Phillies. As fans of the major sports teams, Owen and Sean have roots tied to the City of Brotherly Love. They will provide weekly content each Friday and hold discussions about news on each Philly team.

TU Fantasy Talk (New Episodes Fridays)
Join hosts Liam, Johnny, Brandon, and Edan as they discuss the best news in football and give you advice for your fantasy teams from multiple perspectives.

It’s Just Another Excuse (New Episodes on Mondays)
Host Akaash Sukla has discussions with other comedians and writers about the different facets of comedy like how a joke can be structured and the rules of being a standup comedian. Guests will include other comedians for the Philadelphia area comedy scene.

That’s The Talk!
Hosts Matt and Ryan meet with new people every week to discuss what it is they do and their takes on current events, life, and everything in between! 

Night Owl Dev Log
Temple’s first and only video game design club meets to discuss their newest accomplishments in creating a video game over the course of the year. Listen in and learn how art, programming, music, sound design, and so much more joins together to form a modern video game experience!