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Want to get involved in one of the fastest growing college radio stations in the country?

Do you have what it takes to join the high energy WHIP Radio team? WHIP is always looking for volunteers to help the station grow. The station consists of many independent departments all working together to provide quality programming and content. 

Programming (On-Air) Department

This is the most competitive and time-consuming department to work in. The programming department consists of our on-air hosts, board engineers, show producers and anybody directly involved in the presentation of a radio show. We look for responsible, charismatic and flexible people to be a part of our programming team. All on air positions require an air check. For more information on applying to the programming department e-mail our Program Director at

Music Department

If you have a passion for music, this is the department for you. Our music department is responsible for DJing shows throughout the day to provide out listeners with the best of each genre. WHIP offers genre specific shows which vary from pop, country, rap, underground, local, and more! If you are interested in becoming a member of the music department, please email our music director at

News Department

Are you a journalism major looking for some experience, or even just somebody interested in current events and looking for a challenge? Our news department works to put together daily news updates, news broadcasts, and written stories. This is an excellent way to see how news gathering works in a practical environment and also have your voice heard on the radio. If you are interested in getting involved in our news department, get in touch with our News Director via email at

Sports Department

WHIP has a top-notch sports department that works hand in hand with out programming department to provide quality local sports programs to our listeners. Our sports department is responsible for the live broadcast of select Owls home games, daily sports flashes, our sports talk programming, and beat reporting. For more information on getting involved in WHIP Sports e-mail our Sports Director at

Production Department

All radio stations have a specific ‘sound’. If you turn on your radio it’s often easy to tell what type of station it is just by listening to the commercials or station imaging – that is all thanks to a production department. Our production department is responsible for almost all pre-recorded segments played on air. This is an excellent way to get your voice heard on the radio while gaining valuable behind the scenes experience. Production experience is usually a must for anybody attempting to break into the field of radio and WHIP is the perfect place to get it. For information on how to get involved with out production department, send an e-mail to our Production Director at

Sales Department

Our sales department is perfect for any student who is looking for experience in advertising/marketing and also wants to make a little cash on the side. As a member of the sales team, sales reps earn 15% commission on all of their sales. Under the direction of our Sales Director, the sales department works to sell multimedia advertising packages including on air commercials, web graphics, promotional appearances, and much more. If interested, contact our Sales Director at

Engineering Department

The radio business is based on the new and exciting technology that drives each station. Our engineering department offers the opportunity to get hands on with the cutting-edge and industry-standard broadcast technology we use. We are looking for quick-learning and tech savvy people to join this department. As a WHIP engineer you can learn audio and electricity basics, signal flow, soldering and how to operate the very same equipment being used in commercial radio. To get more information on how to get involved e-mail our Chief Engineer at

Promotions & Events Departments

WHIP is extremely involved on campus, from hosting Free Food Fun Fridays, Temple Fest, and even a weekly promo table in the Student Center. Our promotions team works to ensure we are seen and present on campus as much as possible. Getting involved with this department will give you the opportunity to plan station events, managing promotional tables with giveaways and more. To find out more about our promotions & events team e-mail our Promotions Director at

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