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Do you have what it takes to join the high energy WHIP Radio team? WHIP is always looking for new members to help the station grow. The station consists of many independent departments all working together to provide quality programming content on and off the air. 

Music Department

Our music department is responsible for DJing shows throughout the week of all genres and types. Providing listeners with the best of each genre, shows range from pop, alternative, rap, underground, gospel, the local DIY scene and more. For more information on getting involved with the music department, contact our Music Director at

News Department

Our news department works to put together daily news updates, news broadcasts, and written stories. With IBS Award nominated show, The Crackdown, among other shows the department hones in on several pertinent skills to media production. Skills including writing for news, audio/video production and editing, and live show/video hosting. For more information on getting involved with the news department, contact our News Director

Sports Department

WHIP has a top-notch sports department that works hand in hand with our programming department to provide quality local sports programs to our listeners. Our sports department is responsible for the live broadcast of select Owls home games, daily sports flashes, our sports talk programming, and beat reporting. For more information on getting involved with the sports department, contact our Sports Director at

Entertainment Department

Encompassing the latest in the entertainment business and pop culture, members of the department report on current hot topics while hosting shows that reflect this same mindset. For more information on getting involved with the entertainment department, contact our Entertainment Director at

Podcast Department

For on air/production experience with an independent show for niche audiences, the podcast department provides members with an opportunity to reach large audiences across Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google podcasts, and more. For more information on getting involved with the podcast department, contact our podcast director Sam Cohn at

Web Department

Those interested in music, but are more intrigued by photographing and/or writing about concerts, or writing about music in general are fit for this group. We work with artists and local music venues to procure press passes to concerts for potential coverage for the online music component of the website. For more information on getting involved with the web department, contact our Web Director at

Production Department

Primarily focused on audio production, department members create beds, sweepers, intros, drops, commercials, and voiceover that play in every show on air. Putting our capabilities to the test, we won the Best Liner/Sweet category at the 2019 IBS awards. For information on how to get involved with out production department, send an e-mail to our Production Director at

Engineering Department

The radio business is based on the new and exciting technology that drives each station. Our engineering department offers the opportunity to get hands on with the cutting-edge and industry-standard broadcast technology we use. We are looking for quick-learning and tech savvy people to join this department. As a WHIP engineer you can learn audio and electricity basics, signal flow, soldering and how to operate the very same equipment being used in commercial radio. To get more information on how to get involved e-mail our Chief Engineer at

Sales Department

Our sales department is perfect for any student who is looking for experience in advertising/marketing and also wants to make a little cash on the side. As a member of the sales team, sales reps earn 15% commission on all of their sales. Under the direction of our Sales Director, the sales department works to sell multimedia advertising packages including on air commercials, web graphics, promotional appearances, and much more. If interested, contact our Sales Director at

Video Department

Members help provide video coverage to different events done by various departments — including filming and recording our biweekly open mics, in studio interviews, Tiny Desk acoustic sessions, music videos, and sports coverage. For more information on getting involved with the engineering department, contact our Video Director at

Social Media Department

Our IBS award winning social media department coordinates posts on all of our social media outlets. Reaching over 4,000 users across our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, this department specializes in our digital presence. For more information on getting involved with the social media department, contact our Social Media Coordinators at for Sports/Music or for News/Entertainment.

Promotions Department

Working hand in hand with several departments including Events, Social Media, Video, and Engineering, promotions are responsible for promoting and overseeing different events hosted by WHIP. This includes the popular bi-weekly open mics at Saxbys, as well as open mics held at the Soda Bar. For more information on getting involved with promotions, email our Promotions Director at

Events Department

Specializing in coordinating all WHIP related events, members of this new department work on behind the scenes efforts and creative work. Through organizing WHIP events such as our annual networking event (TURNS), Tape-A-Thon, Vinylthon, and more members gain experience in venue scouting/booking, and assisting other departments in bringing their events to life. For more information on getting involved with the events department, contact our Event Coordinator at


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