Contest Guidelines

WHIP Radio General Contest Guidelines

Contests entail prizes being offered to eligible participants that are selected on a random basis upon their entry. For all intents and purposes, the term “Contest” will be used to refer to any giveaways, contests or sweepstakes that WHIP Radio offers.

NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT IS REQUIRED TO ENTER OR WIN. Purchase or payment does not increase the chance of winning any contests that WHIP Radio holds. WHIP Radio refuses to accept any type of transaction offered in an attempt to increase one’s odds of winning.

ELIGIBILITY WILL VARY REGARDING THE NATURE OF THE CONTEST. In general, for all contests offering prizes affiliated with the manufacturing and/or distributing of alcoholic beverages, participants must be at least 21 years old to be eligible to enter. Contests are open to all legal residents of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia. Chances of winning are dependent on the number of eligible entries received during contest periods.

WHIP STAFF ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO ENTER STATION CONTESTS. By nature of their involvement in the station, WHIP staff members are not permitted to enter contests held by the station.

METHODS OF ENTRY WILL VARY REGARDING THE NATURE OF THE CONTEST. Online participants tuned into streamed broadcasts may experience a delay in transmissions. Method of entry will be provided for contests on an individual basis.

CONTEST WINNERS WILL BE SELECTED RANDOMLY. WHIP Radio reserves the right to select contests winners randomly from all eligible entries. 

WHIP RADIO RESERVES THE RIGHT TO SELECT A NEW WINNER IF THE PRIZE IS NOT CLAIMED WITHIN 24 HOURS. WHIP Radio reserves the right to revoke any winnings if the prize has not been claimed by the winner within a 24 hour period upon being deemed the winner. If the prize is not claimed after 24 hours, WHIP Radio reserves the right to select a new winner. 

A PERSON CANNOT ENTER A CONTEST IF THEY HAVE WON IN THE PAST 30 DAYS. WHIP Radio reserves the right to turn down any entry if that person has won a contest within the past 30 days. The station is allowed to deny said entrant if they are still within the 30 day time period. After that 30 day time period, that person is eligible for entry.  

WHIP RADIO MAY CONDUCT CONTESTS WITH OUTSIDE ESTABLISHMENTS THAT ARE SEPARATE ENTITIES FROM THE STATION. In the event that an outside establishment fails to fulfill a prize won from one of WHIP Radio’s contests, WHIP Radio is not accountable for any losses experienced by contest winners. The Sponsor associated with any contest with the station has the right to take away the prize at any given time without reason. WHIP Radio is not responsible for any money lost or any inconvenience of any nature. Compensation of any unfulfilled prizes is not guaranteed. 

WHIP RADIO RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REVOKE ANY PRIZE AT ANY TIME. WHIP Radio reserves the right to revoke a prize at any time regardless of the nature of the contest. WHIP Radio is allowed to promote the prize as they deem fit.