Music Shows

R&B Now (Sundays at 2PM)
A weekly radio show hosted by WHIP’s Assistant Music Director, Lex the Flex, that primarily focuses on today’s and throwback R&B, as well as Alternative Hip Hop.

The Core (Tuesdays at 8PM)
WHIP’s Alternative Rock show, The Core airs every Tuesday night. Tune in to hear hosts who play their favorite picks from pockets of this widely expansive genre.

The New Release Show (Fridays at 9PM)
Discovering new releases and uncovering music that might be new to you, The New Release Show has your work week playlist covered! Tune in on Sunday nights to wind down and tune in to the best music, freshness guaranteed.

Nonstop Nostalgia (Tuesdays at 3PM)
A range of your favorite throwbacks starting from 80s new wave to iconic bubblegum pop of the early 2000s. The hosts like to have themed shows every week, discussing the pop culture surrounding the time period, and talk about everyone’s love for the past.

The Oxford Comma (Mondays at 4PM and Thursdays at 3PM)
The Oxford Comma Show is an Indie/Alternative radio show that airs on every Thursday. Tune in for under the radar music, local bands, and music news. 

The Lavender Menace (Mondays at 8PM)
Highlighting LGBT artists and music that has influenced the queer community. Ranging from 60’s throwbacks to current hits, tune in Monday nights at 8 to experience music through a modern queer lens.

Hidden Gems (Thursdays at 9PM)
Hidden Gems highlights underrated songs and artists to broaden the music world and to bring back those songs you may have forgotten about. This shows focuses on songs/artists that may not be as well known, but need to be shared.

Ramble On Radio (Mondays and Wednesdays at 5PM, Thursdays at 8PM)
Ramble On takes listeners back to the glory days of rock and roll. The show ranges from the 60s to the 80s-ish, and plays a wide variety of rock songs and other throwbacks.

Girl Germs (Wednesdays at 6PM and Thursdays at 5PM)
WHIP’s all femme music station—Girl Germs—highlights the talents of female artists, featuring songs of all genres and time periods. Tune in every Tuesday & Thursday to listen to some awesome tunes!

Virtuoso Vibes (Fridays at 6PM)
There’s nothing better than experiencing the vision of a true expert. “Virtuoso Vibes” honors the masters and revels in their indelible works, regardless of genre, era, or background. Technical dexterity, lyrical poignancy, or even that intangible, inexplicable essence that captivates listeners—it’s all on the table. Join me, Vik Raghupathi, as we celebrate genuine sonic genius.

Popheads (Mondays at 9PM)
Tune in for a dose of all things pop. From mainstream artists to up-and-comers, Popheads has it all.

Culture Shock (Tuesdays at 4PM)
Culture shock features conversations with guests from the temple community about their cultural backgrounds, the music from their local communities, and how their music taste has evolved as they’ve grown over time, as well as a selection of songs that reflects their unique ‘musical fingerprint’ to tell their story through music.

Feed Your Head (Sundays at 3PM)

VIOLENCE (Thursdays at 10PM)

L’Internationale (Sundays at 7PM)

Cherry Colored Funk (Sundays at 8PM)

Genre Benders (Wednesdays at 7PM)

The Philly Feeling (Thursdays at 6PM)

Wild in the Streets (Fridays at 10PM)