Album Review: Drake’s “Nothing Was the Same”


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By: Kevin Schoenfeld

Nothing Was The Same is by far one of the best albums of 2013. Though this album has not received as much hype as other Hip-Hop releases prior (Yeezus, Born Sinner) it is most definitely deserving of it. Each song has its own character, not one is too similar in nature, which is why Nothing Was The Same is such a fitting title. As an avid Drake fan I may have some bias in my opinion but this release is an enjoyable, easy listen for all music enthusiasts, not just fans. The whole album gives off a chilled out vibe mixed with an eclectic array of Hip Hop, Rap, Trap, Pop, & R&B elements.

 Track reviews:

  1. Tuscan Leather – Not the strongest track to start off such a great album but it does contain a good flow, sweet beats, and sets the tone for the chilled out vibe to come. Drake killed it with the raps and despite the lengthiness of the track it’s definitely worth a listen.
  2. Furthest Thing – Personal favorite off the album. Very catchy, flows well, and just a generally feel-good type of track. Drake’s rhymes, raps, and beats make this track stand out amongst the others. A soon to be hit.
  3. Started From the Bottom – First single off the album didn’t do NWTS justice. While this song is catchy, it can get annoying after several listens. Not a very substantive track compared to the some of the others.
  4. Wu-Tang Forever – Newest single off the album is very memorable one. With a great hook, unique sound, subtle beats, and catchy lyrics this track gives you an empowered feeling whenever you give it a listen.
  5. Own It – Great follow up. Starts off slow but gradually picks up to have a distinct sound with catchy beats and background audio. Drakes voice in this song is simply irresistible which is why it is one of the best tracks on the entire record.
  6. Worst Behavior – Not the most distinct track but serves as a good transition song. Kind of slow but Drake makes up for it with his rapping skills. The beat never really picks up so it leaves you waiting for a bass drop that never ends up happening.
  7. From Time (feat. Jhene Aiko) – Starts off with a solid beat and piano combination that leaves you hooked. First collaboration on the track is complemented sweetly by Jhene’s voice in combination Drake raps. The song is pretty slow but gives off a soothing type of vibe.
  8. Hold On Were Going Home (Majid Jordan) – As the second single of NWTS it defines the sweetness of the record. The beat initially keeps you interested and then Drakes vocals absolutely define this song. Catchy and a for sure hit. Song does a great job of combining a good bass with an R&B-pop sound that provokes emotion.
  9. Connect – Very mellow track. Solid transition from Hold On Were Going Home but the song is too slow and long to even compare. Song picks up halfway through with some unexpected sounds that even give it a brief electronic-trap like vibe. Drake’s vocals complement the beat well.
  10. The Language – One of the most rap-defined tracks on the album. Lyrics are catchy and hilariously awesome. Beat is something to bump too and is supplemented by very smooth raps.
  11. 305 to My City (feat. Detail) – Background audio makes this tune uniquely awesome. Hip-hop like vibe with catchy raps, slow but great bass. Creates a good ambiance. Detail almost sounds like Lil Wayne in the track, giving this song an even more uniquely defined character.
  12. Too Much (Sampha) – Slow start and end. Very different vibe from previous tracks. Almost depressing at first but Drake drastically changes the mood with his raps. Lyrics are soothingly catchy.
  13. Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2 (feat. Jay Z) – Boring start but slowly picks itself up. Drake’s raps are nothing too unique but keep you entertained. Jay-Z absolutely kills it with his clever lyrics and funky sounding transitions. Middle of the song completely changes the tone to be much slower. Song would be better if it was shorter it kind of gets old after while.
  14. Come Thru – Although not on the original record it is a great bonus and undoubtedly worth a listen. Drake’s vocals are very sweet and lyrics are extremely catchy. Bass makes it hard to not sway along, eventually turning into a dubstep-like vibe until finally slowing down to a solid ending.
  15. All Me (feat. Big Sean & 2 Chainz) – By far the best collaboration on the album. Verses transition very well into the next. 2 Chainz and Big Sean work together so well, making this song very definable. Fun lyrics and a definite spirit lifter.
  16. The Motion – Funky beat, nice bass and rhyme drops define the final track of NWTS. It’s got a solid hook, memorable lyrics and very distinct sound. Perfect way to finish off a great album, leaving you craving more.



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