Dry Reef @ The Foundry

WRITTEN BY: Natalie Crane

PHOTOS BY: Erin Blewett

Dry Reef kicked off their tour right in their hometown of Philadelphia at The Foundry on Thursday night.

Dry Reef’s sound is truly unique; rooted in reggae with influences of surf pop, rock, and even funk.

The band consists of Patrick Gillen (bass & lead vocals), Collin O’Donnell (lead guitar), Charles Minehart (guitar & vocals), and Joseph Anderson (drums).

The band released their latest EP, Alright Revival, on January 30th. The band not only debuted songs from their new EP, they also incorporated a few classic covers. This included a Dry Reef-style “Sexual Healing” and “Valerie.”

“Slowly We Go” was one of the highlights of their set. This song shows off the funkier side of Dry Reef, with a groovy guitar licks and bass line and the chorus features laid back echoes. “Swim” gives off a similar vibe, emphasizing Dry Reef’s versatile sound.

“Lightwaves” and “Lost My Way” are more understated songs. These songs created a mellow ambiance amid their set of mostly surf rock songs.

Dry Reef brought a lot of personality to the stage during their performances of “YOHA” and “Holiday.” These two songs are really fun and feel-good, and it was clear that the audience got that vibe from these songs and they danced along.








“Checkpoints” was the perfect closer for their set. This song sent electrifying energy through the room that prompted the audience to beg for an encore.

If you like older bands like Sublime and The Grateful Dead, or newer bands like Tipling Rock, Summer Salt, and anything else remotely indie/surf rock/pop/reggae, Dry Reef is a band you need to hear.

Set List:

  1. New Soul
  2. Swim
  3. Lightwaves
  4. Slowly We Go
  5. Lost My Way
  6. Valerie – Cover
  7. Holiday
  8. YOHA
  9. Checkpoints