EP REVIEW: 10k by JM Haze

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WRITTEN BY: Vince Barreras

The long awaited EP by Philadelphia and Bell Tower Records artists JM Haze is out and it’s a big statement of who he is as an artist. JM is a visionary who has created perhaps one of the most creative, and original hip-hop projects in recent memory. JM Haze is originally from New York but calls Philly his home. He has collaborated with other Philly artists in the past, most recently fellow Bell Tower artist Natanya on a track called “The Way She Talk.” That song featured influences from all sorts of genres like R&B, trap, and other assortments and styles of hip hop, and JM brings that energy to this project. 

Take the opening track “Stadium Status.” It features some deep synths and other assortments of trap elements. JM’s style flows effortlessly as the dark styled instrumentation leads strong. “Wednesday Freestyle” showcases how JM can simply just tear up a track and keep going. Previously mentioned song “The Way She Talk” is also included on this collection of songs, and it’s an essential JM track. The futuristic and chill instrumentation combined with the trap hits are a nice combination that helps the song not only stay contemporary, but separates it from the pack. Natanya’s feature is such a lovely addition to this song, with her old school R&B flow, her voice adds that extra layer that makes this song reach great heights.

JM Haze saved his best for last with “God Body.” He is definitely tapping into his New York roots with this track. This sounds something that could have come out of NYC in the 90s from Nas. He knows how to deliver, and murders this track with nothing but a drum beat, and light keys in the background, this song has the potential to be the artists “killer app” if you will, and it would not be a surprise if it goes viral.

The day has come for JM Haze’s proper new release, and the wait was worth it. He is easily one of the artists to watch in Philly, and is sure to blow up if he continues releasing music like this. Everything about this project is right: the lyrics, the instrumental, and also the passion and flat out soul of these tracks. This project is going to be good to JM and people will be streaming it for some time to come. Go listen to JM Haze and support one of the best rappers not only in Philadelphia, but in the rap game, period.


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