Joe Biden Called Out for Being Creepy, & Shell Gets Woke

It’s been another busy news week around the world, but WHIP’s Crackdown is here to bring you up to speed – at least to the extent we can under 15 minutes. Royal Dutch Shell is worried about climate change, more subpoenas are being issued in Washington after an employee blew the whistle on security concerns, and Joe Biden is facing some backlash following multiple allegations of inappropriate behavior. Plus, Temple will implement a tobacco-free policy for the Fall 2019 semester, and BecomingTU came out on top after a spicy Temple Student Government election season.

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  1. Reuters: Citing climate differences, Shell walks away from U.S. refining lobby
  2. Electrek: Big oil pumps $1 billion into climate change lobbying, execs laugh about Trump access
  3. NYT: ‘Breaches Everywhere’: Flooding Bursts Midwest Levees, and Tough Questions Follow
  4. CBC: Canada warming at twice the global rate, leaked report finds
  5. NPR: Whistleblower Says White House Overturned 25 Denied Security Clearances
  6. Axios: House Oversight subpoenas White House in security clearance probe
  7. WaPo: House panel votes to authorize subpoenas to obtain full Mueller report
  8. WaPo: Three more women accuse Biden of unwanted affection, say apology video doesn’t quell concerns
  9. TUNews: Tobacco products banned from Temple’s U.S. campuses
  10. TUNews: BecomingTU wins 2019-20 Temple Student Government executive team election
  11. TUNews: Both BecomingTU and RiseTU suspended from campaigning

“Synthwave Attempt” by Kuseki

“Hard Boiled” by Kevin MacLeod


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