Long Story Short: Episode 13

The apocalypse is everywhere in our media. It’s in our books, it’s in our TV, it’s in our movies, it’s even in our religions. How does that make any sense? Why do we eat this stuff up when, at its core, it’s all about tons of people dying? On this episode of Long Story Short, we’re discussing the apocalypse, and why we can’t seem to get enough of it.

Written, filmed, and edited by Anthony Pearson

Music Credit:

00:01 2014-05-27 Ambient Chill by Aaron Chesney

01:06 Secret Senshi by Desired

01:53 Blueshift by AIRGLOW

06:57 Innermission by AIRGLOW

All music used under Creative Commons attribution licenses.

Secret Senshi by Desired is authorized for non-commercial use; as such, this video will never be monetized.

All movie clips are used under fair use for the purposes of critique/education.

Sources used in researching this video: Personal notes from lectures by Barry Vacker