Mumps at Temple & White Nationalist Terrorism in New Zealand

Strap in, it’s been an eventful second week in March. Host Tony Pearson walks through events including a horrific terrorist attack in New Zealand, various updates on controversies and policies in Donald Trump’s administration, a national college admission scandal, and updates to Temple University’s recent mumps outbreak – plus more news.

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  1. Guardian: What we know so far about the New Zealand Shooting
  2. Guardian: Christchurch attack: suspect had white-supremacist symbols on weapons
  3. Politico: Trump and Cohen in a Twitter tussle over pardon claims
  4. MSN: New Zealand shooting victim’s ‘courageous’ last words to gunman go viral
  5. Week: Paul Manafort sentenced to 47 months in prison for fraud, tax evasion
  6. Week: Paul Manafort sentenced to another 3 1/2 years in prison for conspiracy charges
  7. Week: House votes 420-0 to make Mueller’s report public
  8. NYT: Senate Rejects Trump’s Border Emergency Declaration, Setting Up First Veto
  9. CNBC: Education Dept. faces 10% funding cut under Trump’s 2020 budget proposal
  10. AP: TV stars and coaches charged in college bribery scheme
  11. WHYY: Philadelphia Council introduces bill to phase out soda tax
  12. TUNews: Temple-related mumps cases reach 38 on Thursday
  13. GP: Celebration of Globalization Concert 2019
  14. WHIP: Christchurch, Radicalization, and Calling for Action on Climate Change | Rational Radio

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Credits music: “Wallspin” by Neil Cicierega


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