Post Malone @ Electric Factory


On September 15th, Post Malone played a sold out show at The Electric Factory. Miami rapper Smokepurpp, Post Malone’s opener on the Stoney tour, was the first to take the stage and immediately got the crowd bouncing. His heavy trap beats had everyone moving and shouting lyrics. Smokepurpp and his two hype-men made use of the entire stage for their performance, even jumping across to stand on the barricade and interact with the crowd. As Smokepurpp counted down to the bass drops in his songs, he and his crew would open water bottles and shower the crowd as they sang the song’s hooks. In between songs, Purpp would offer fresh bottles to audience members as the heat in the Electric Factory rose. He asked the audience if they were familiar with one of Purpp’s frequent collaborators, Lil Pump, and performed one of Pump’s songs. Predictably, this took the energy in the crowd to a new height.

Smokepurpp by Charley Parker

After Smokepurpp finished his set, the stage was prepared for Post Malone to perform. A DJ booth was brought out and a screen that played hypnotic visuals for the rest of the night was set up. Post Malone’s DJ came out and kept the crowd moving before it was time for the main act. As it neared time for Post Malone to begin his performance, the DJ announced that there were a few small technical difficulties that would set the performance back a short time. Nevertheless, he kept everyone’s spirits high and held us over until it was finally time.

Post Malone By Michael Arter

Post Malone triumphantly took the stage, beer in hand. A bra was flung from the audience to the stage, and Malone hung it up on the horns of the DJ booth to join the other collected undergarments. After a few songs, the crowd started chanting for him to perform “Rockstar,” a song he released the night before featuring 21 Savage. Malone joked that he couldn’t play his only good song that early and hinted that he might have a surprise for everyone later in the show. Making his way through many of his emotional hits, Malone dedicated his song “I Fall Apart” to the ‘girl’ (paraphrasing) that broke his heart. After performing one of his earliest songs, it was time for the surprise. Malone brought out 21 Savage himself and the duo performed “Rockstar.” Savage then performed one of his own hits, “Bank Account,” and had everyone in the venue counting the eight M’s in his bank account. The two said their goodbyes and Post Malone closed the show with two of his biggest songs, “White Iverson” and “Congratulations.” On one final note, Malone invited everyone of age to come to a local bar after the show and meet up for drinks.

Post Malone ad 21 Savage by Michael Arter


  1. Too Young
  2. Big Lie
  3. Go Flex
  4. Money Made Me Do It
  5. I Fall Apart
  6. Deja Vu
  7. Up There
  8. Patient
  9. Feeling Whitney
  10. Candy Paint
  11. Rockstar (With 21 Savage)
  12. Bank Account (Performed by 21 Savage)
  13. White Iverson
  14. Congratulations