REVIEW: Lady Lamb at City Winery

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WRITTEN BY: Oliver Sabo

After over a year of delays, fans finally got the chance to see Lady Lamb live in Philadelphia. Lady Lamb, stage name for Aly Spaltro, took the floor at City Winery on Sunday, October 3. The setlist, which Spaltro worked on after a year of touring, was a love letter to some of her more personal songs. “Now it’s their turn,” she said while performing. Joining Lady Lamb was her trio of string players, which added even more emotion to the intimate setlist. Spaltro was as personal as her lyrics, stopping after every song to talk to the audience. At one point, she even initiated a short Q&A.

As the house lights dimmed, the audience shifted their attention away from their meals and up to the stage, where Lady Lamb emerged from behind the curtain. Instead of sitting down with her guitar, she stayed on her feet to deliver a heartfelt rendition of “Up in the Rafters.” The song immediately set the mood for what was to come. Spaltro gave the crowd a warm greeting, sat down with her electric guitar, and got to work. After flowing through “Heaven Bent” and “Little Brother,” she invited her string trio to the stage. The four musicians jumped into “Atalaia,” where Spaltro’s storytelling talent began to shine.

The stories continued, even when there wasn’t any music to accompany them. Spaltro gave the audience a look into her life during the pandemic and how she had spent the last year while she was unable to tour. She even touched on the recent breakup with her partner of 5 years and how an event like that completely changes the perspective on some of her songs. Lady Lamb’s honesty added to the beauty of the night; it’s not often that you see an artist so open and sincere on-stage.

The set began to wind down with “Salt,” a song about crying and tears, which Spaltro said was her favorite song to sing. Perhaps the most memorable moment came during the penultimate song, “Taxidermist, Taxidermist.” The seven minute song was written when Spaltro was nineteen, and she explained how it has taken on a completely different meaning at this stage in her life.

When the show was over, Spaltro went outside to answer questions and sign autographs, another sign of how much she cares about her fanbase. Lady Lamb was the perfect act to end a weekend. Her powerful voice was a soothing escape from the impending stress of a workweek. A Lady Lamb concert is a must for anyone interested in folk, indie rock, or just a good time in general.


  1. Up in the Rafters
  2. Heaven Bent
  3. Little Brother
  4. Atalaia
  5. Hair to the Ferris Wheel
  6. Between Two Trees
  7. Little Flaws
  8. Sunday Shoes
  9. Salt
  10. See You
  11. Prayer of Love
  12. Deep Love
  13. Aubergine
  14. Taxidermist, Taxidermist
  15. Ten


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