SINGLE REVIEW: “Lie Like This” by Julia Michaels

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Julia Michaels is back with a warm and romantic (yet dance-inducing) song to kick off the cozy fall season! “Lie Like This,” the lead single off her upcoming album – title TBA – is a track that’s all about being happy, present, and in love, with bounce-y club beats and sultry synth to match. The first two lines were actually inspired by something her boyfriend said to her in quarantine: “He says I’m pretty upside down / Pretty right side up too” (very cute, love to see it) and the song was one of the first she could work on and record with her collaborators following safe COVID-19 procedures. 

In a Twitter Q&A with her fans ahead of the single’s release, Michaels admitted that the song feels and is very different from her past records, in that those were “very existential and self-reflective” whereas this time around she is more so just “basking in the being in love part of life.” She shared that the track perfectly depicts where she’s at in her life right now, and arguably sets the tone for the rest of the album as well. 

Though Michaels’ past projects (Nervous System, Inner Monologue Parts 1 and 2) have definitely been on the more introspective and contemplative side, they have touched the hearts and minds of many in their own right. That said, an album that focuses on the present moment and highlights the good in life (whether that be love or romance or anything else) sounds like a much-needed breath of fresh air for all of us right now. Fans of Miss Hulia and music lovers in general should definitely keep a lookout for her new album! It’s bound to be a “hay fever… from [our] feelings”… (gentle PSA to listen to “Lie Like This” for the reference – happy streaming!)


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