Singles of the Week 1/12/14

By: Kevin Schoenfeld

A review of the newest singles to be released and set to impact mainstream/rhythmic/urban radio this week:

La La La (feat. Sam Smith) by Naughty Boy –

Expect to see the fastest selling single of 2013 in the UK to have much similar success across the US. This R&B track has pop, soul and dance elements through out. Its extremely catchy hook defines the song but I have to also accredit Sam Smith as he does a fantastic job with the vocals. Highly recommend checking this song out.

The Worst by Jhene Aiko –

The vocalist of Big Sean’s smash hit Beware is back but this time taking center stage. The first single off Jhene Aiko’s newly released album, Sail Out, has a slow-moving piano beat with a unique groove to it. The beginning and middle verses are easily overlooked, as the song really picks up to be better at the end. Overall the song is a solid R&B track that is beautifully sung.

Talk Dirty (feat. 2Chainz) by Jason Derulo –

The third single off Jason Derulo’s comeback album Tattoos is a club banger. The premise behind the song, which is about getting with women from all different parts of the world, is unoriginal and kind of stupid, but the song itself is extremely catchy and has a great flow. The song could probably do without 2 Chaniz’s verse but that is disregarded because of its enjoyable and danceable saxophone beat.

Red Nose by Sage the Gemini –

Sage the Gemini’s latest single has been charting for months but is just now officially being released to rhythmic radio. It’s a great party song with a killer, futuristic beat and catchy lyrics. The song has a fantastic flow to it that makes you want to just dance along. Definitely consider it better than his previous hit Gas Pedal. If you enjoy upbeat music, or hip-hop in general be sure to give it a listen.

I Can’t Describe (feat. T.I.) by Jennifer Hudson –

Nothing really struck me as very noteworthy about this song. This downtempo love song has an awkward beginning and ending with soul, r&b, and pop components dispersed through out. T.I.’s verse is by far the best part of the song and makes for a much needed posotive addition, his vocals flow really well to the beat of the track.

Left, Right (feat. DJ Mustard) by YG –

YG’s latest single is not quite on the same stature of his smash hit My Hitta, but is still pretty good nonetheless. DJ Mustard does a great job on the production aspect of the song. It’s similar in nature to his previous productions making it a solid, danceable party tack.


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