Album Review: “Mosaic” By 311

Written by: Monica Mellon

311’s newest album “MOSAIC” captures the reggae, alternative blend the band has always carried.

I was hooked after the album’s opening track, “Too Much To Think.” The alternative rock sound was something that automatically appealed to me and only drew my interest further into the album. The next few tracks, “Wildfire,” “The Night is Young” and “Island Sun” helped to set the pace of the rest of the album, hitting the intensity of a typical rock song, but the relaxing vibes of an expected reggae song.

The album continued to flow together beautifully between every lyric and each instrument.

With “Extension” as the album’s main blend between its typical sound with a touch of DJ style music, it’s perfectly placed to keep the sound fresh, but also original.

Despite the typical 311 sound “MOSAIC” has, the album keeps a fresh, new taste to 311 lyric and music genius. “Inside our Home” and “Place where the Mind Goes” evoke new, but also familiar emotions among listeners, such as life on the road as a band, but also feeling as if one doesn’t belong and overcoming that fear.

Finally, the last track of the album, “On a Roll” was not only a perfect closing song, but what I thought to be very symbolic of the band’s success and continued growth over the years.

After listening to “MOSAIC,” I went back to listen to the band’s first album, “Music” to get a glimpse of the sound comparison. The band was able to hold on to their unique blend of sounds throughout years, which I found immensely powerful.

I was very much impressed by the band’s twelfth album. My initial anticipation of the blend of rock music and reggae was skeptical, but 311 was truly able to combine those two distinct sounds in a captivating way.