Alison Wonderland @ Electric Factory


Faces decorated with glitter, arms blinged-out with neon bracelets and guys with graphic muscle tees was what one would have seen if they happened to stumble into the Electric Factory on Friday September 22nd. The special occasion was Alison Wonderland’s FMUOASL tour, promoting her upcoming album, FMUOASL, or F*** Me Up On A Spiritual Level.

Alison Wonderland

The Electric Factory got a healthy dose of girl power, as Wonderland brought Elohim with her and the two acts held their own, playing unique sets that kept the energy of the crowd consistent.

The show started right on time as Elohim played to guests still filling into the venue. It only made sense that she would be the opening act of the tour; her moniker means God in the Hebrew bible and both acts portray being on a new, spiritual plane.

The L.A.-based synth-pop star maintained her mysterious persona through her stage presence, as she wore a hoodie and showed part of her face, for the rest of her face was covered with her hair. Elohim’s set consisted of more chill, bouncy, pop sounds. Her setlist consisted of several songs from her self-titled album including “Hallucinating” and “She Talks Too Much.”

There was an intermission before Alison Wonderland took to the stage. Dancing space became limited as eager fans continued to pour into the venue and make their way to the front before the main act appeared.

Finally, a sea of cheers and fans throwing up a “W” with their hands erupted, signaling the start of Alison Wonderland’s performance. Before starting her set, Wonderland expressed her appreciation for Philadelphia, stating, “you guys are a crazy crowd and I’m excited tonight!”

From start to finish, the Australian-superstar-DJ never lost the attention of the crowd. She played a mix of a few old fan favorites with songs like “Cold” and “Messiah.” She even treated fans to her newest unreleased remix of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.”

When Alison Wonderland was not dominating the turn tables throughout the night, she took to the microphone to express her struggles with depression and encouraged anyone who was going through the same to stay strong. She even called on the crowd to count to three and yell “f*** depression.” After getting the crowd to chant with her, she also told the audience that; “Djing stupid s*** makes me happy.”

Fans were amazed by her set so much they began to shout out for an encore. Alison Wonderland could not resist; she DJed another mini set, playing a string of hip-hop and R&B throwbacks. Wonderland’s love of the city was evident through her entire set, putting more and more passion into each and every song, making this a show many should regret not attending. She even gave more props to Philadelphia by complementing our cheesesteaks.  “Every time I play Philly, I always remember it,” Wonderland announced to the crowd.

Wonderland’s performance left concert-goers eagerly anticipating her next tour. With a promise to keep Philadelphia at the top of her list, we wanted to make it undeniably clear that the City of Brotherly Love, truly loves Alison Wonderland.