Blizzard 2016: College kids take full advantage of the weekend’s snow


“This weekend was insane. It was a state of emergency, but I mean kids were out in the middle of Broad St., Philadelphia Police were playing ‘Frozen’ music. Essentially this weekend was ‘lit,’” exclaimed Jake Miller on Sunday afternoon out on Cecil B. Moore Ave. when I asked him what this weekend entailed for him.

(Photo by: Jake Miller, Communication Studies Temple University Class of 2019)
The Blizzard of 2016 will be one hard to forget, especially for Temple students. (Photo by: Jake Miller, Communication Studies Temple University Class of 2019)

Winter has finally arrived here in Philadelphia. A storm that rivaled that of the 1996 blizzard, Temple students did the best they could to still enjoy the frigid weekend.

As seen in the photo, Jake Miller and his friend Glen Kirby took full advantage of the fresh powder that fell in North Philly over the past three days. “It was weird being in an urban environment with a snowboard,” Miller said, “but now I have the best of both worlds. The mountains were brought to Cecil and Broad.”

But what does this looming 2 feet of snow mean for this coming week for Philadelphia? Traffic, commuting, and pedestrian safety all comes to mind now with the slush and ice that will accumulate over the next below-freezing nights likely to create dangerous road conditions.

As for the Temple students of 2016, this winter will definitely be something to remember.


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