Culinary Corner: Four Cheese Grilled Cheese Recipe

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By: Josh Dunford

Hello everyone, and welcome to the culinary corner. This is WHIP radio’s very own cooking show brought to you by me, Josh. In this episode I will teach you about two important cooking supplies, teach you about heat, and then teach you how to make a four cheese grilled cheese. 

The first thing I will talk about is different heat levels on stoves. This will not be important until you actually cook your sandwich (if you do it on the stove) but it is one of the most important things in cooking. A stove is controlled by fire and different levels of heat will make the fire weaker or stronger. 

The first level is low, the second is medium, and the third is high. There is also medium low and medium high. If you want to boil a big pot of water quickly, then you should use high heat. This will put the fire on the highest level and it will cook everything quicker. 

I will now talk about the best pans to use to make things like pancakes, French toast, and grilled cheese. You should use a flat pan or skillet. This has the most space for cooking whatever you want to cook. 

If you want to make a sandwich quicker and easier, you should use a panini maker. These are available at any cooking store. All you need to do is put your bread in and you have a sandwich. 

I will now talk about how to make the four cheese grilled cheese and how to cook it using the two different methods.

For the bread, any bread can do. You don’t need to get fancy but if you want to, nobody is stopping you. Any bread that is in your fridge will work, but whole wheat or sourdough is the best.

The four cheeses I use are goat cheese, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, and the “mystery” cheese. This “mystery cheese” can be anything that you have in your fridge. It should be sliced as it goes on the bottom of all the cheeses. You can choose whatever one you want. I usually just go with whatever is in my fridge. 

Next goes the feta cheese and the goat cheese. The goat cheese is what makes this stand out, so if you don’t like goat ese cheese, you can skip it. 

There are two different ways to cook it, which is why I mentioned the pan and heat before. If you want to cook it in your pan, butter your bread on both sides or put mayonnaise instead of butter (key culinary secret to making it extra crispy) and cook it on your pan until it is done. You will notice the cheese completely melted and when you cut into it you will hear how crispy it is. 

If using a panini maker, just put the sandwich in the panini and it will be done quicker. 

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