Phillip Phillips @ Union Transfer


Phillip Phillips hit Philadelphia’s Union Transfer Tuesday night with his third album tour, The
Magnetic Tour. The season 11 American Idol winner opened his show with some of his most
popular such as “Home,” “Raging Fire,” and “Gone, Gone, Gone.” Tuesday night’s show had a great turn out. There were people pushed up against the barriers in hopes to get as close as possible to Phillip Phillips. Even the openers Striking Matches had a great turn out. When Phillip Phillips hit the stage everyone’s attention was geared on him and the minute he started playing his famous song “Raging Fire” everyone in the crowd began to sing along. Phillip’s set is different than many modern artists. He does not use very flashy lights and doesn’t dance around the stage.

Although, the show rocked Union Transfer it was very mellow and nobody went crazy. Everyone stood and listened to his music while being in awe of his musical talents. He would
switch between electric and acoustic guitar multiple times throughout his set. He would use the
acoustic guitar to play one of his new songs like “Magnetic” and one of his most popular
“Home.” “Home” has always been a favorite of mine ever since he released it and when he
performed the song, in my opinion, it was the highlight of the show. Many times in between
songs he would interact with the audience and the majority of the time everyone in the venue
would start chanting the Eagles song. Although he ignored many of the chants eventually he
himself could not help but chant the popular song, even though he barely knew the chant.
Phillip Phillips is an artist I have enjoyed most seeing not because of the venue or the openers but because of his talent. Many popular artists these days sing along to their tracks instead of singing them themselves. Phillip Phillips sounds even better live than he does on his pre-recorded tracks. Phillip Phillips Magnetic Tour is an electrifying concert and experience full of great hits and great vibes all around.