Hold on… maybe Mob Ties is low key true lyrics!

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BY: Daija Moore-Evans

There was a brawl at Delilah Night Club in West Hollywood last year. Rumor has it that Rapper Drake was behind it.

Drake reportedly had Bennett Sipes (victim) jumped by some group members in the entourage. That’s not all, O’Dell Beckham was in on it too. Hiring someone to do their dirty work- kind of resembles  Drakes Mob Ties lyrics from his latest album Scorpion:
“Hire some help, get rid of these #!%%@$”

Sipes told TMZ reporters Drake gave him the “‘throat slash’ hang gesture.”
Witnesses from the club that night accusing Sipes of being the aggressor. While the case is still unfolding it’s been said that Sipes filed a police report that night but decided not to go through with it.

Sipes has still been dealing with medical issues from the altercation.


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