How To Prepare for TURNS 2021

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On April 10th 2021, WHIP Radio will be hosting our 5th annual Temple University Radio Networking Summit (TURNS), sponsored by Bold Coffee Bar! The event is open to all Temple students and faculty as well as the general public, so you can join us virtually on Zoom from 12-3PM EST!

 TURNS is an essential event for WHIP. It gives students the unique opportunity to network with professionals and learn about various topics within the radio and media industries. TURNS is a great way to connect with professionals while exploring new perspectives!

We’re super excited for the many opportunities that holding a virtual event has brought to TURNS this year, including hosting guests and panelists from across the country! Our panels are as follows:

(Yes, the Meet Me @ The Altar is joining us!)

Now that you’ve got the info, register for TURNS here!

In order to get the most out of TURNS, here’s some tips on how to prepare:

1. Update your LinkedIn Profile

Since you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other students and our panelists, it’s essential that your LinkedIn is up to date. Everyone needs to know all the great things you’ve been doing to further your media career.  A stellar LinkedIn page can make you stand out from the crowd. 

2. Do some research about our impressive panelists and speakers

You want to have the best questions for our panelists during the Q&A portion of our panels. So, get familiar with them with some Googling,  or giving MM@TA’s records a spin too! If you see someone you may be interested in connecting with, you’ll be more prepared to communicate with them and possibly build a stronger connection. 

3. Decide which panels you would like to attend

Once you research our panelists, decide which two panels you want to attend. A warning that this may be the most difficult part since all of our speakers will be providing their perspectives on radio and media that we could all use. However, with panels from Marketing and Promotions to Sports, you’re guaranteed to find one that sparks your interest within radio and media!

4. Stop by Bold Coffee Bar

We know that TURNS is on a Saturday afternoon after a week full of classes. Stop by Bold Coffee Bar on 1623 Ridge Avenue in Philly to get some caffeine fuel so you can be energized throughout the event!


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