Mueller Submits His Finished Report on Russian Election Interference

The Trump-Russia controversy is heating up as Mueller submits his report, and “2000s kids” are in for a real (unrelated) treat.  Also, Boeing 737 Max Jets have been grounded recently by multiple nations following an Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed 150 people.  Plus, Facebook disclosed another data scandal likely to burn their reputation. When was the last slow news week? We can’t remember.

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  1. NYT: Ethiopian Airlines Plane Is the 2nd Boeing Max 8 to Crash in Months
  2. NYT: Doomed Boeing Jets Lacked 2 Safety Features That Company Sold Only as Extras
  3. CNN: Justice Department issues subpoenas in criminal investigation of Boeing
  4. NYT: F.A.A. Approval of Boeing Jet Involved in Two Crashes Comes Under Scrutiny
  5. TC: Facebook admits it stored ‘hundreds of millions’ of account passwords in plaintext
  6. NPR: Trump Backs Public Release Of Mueller Report
  7. WaPo: DOJ Notification to Congress Regarding the Conclusion of the Mueller Investigation
  8. KHOU: UPDATE: Elevated benzene levels lead to shelter-in-place
  9. ABC: ITC Deer Park facility fire could take 2 days to burn out, officials say
  10. ABC: Benzene levels at ITC facility raise health concerns in Harris County
  11. HP: Charlottesville Schools Close After 4Chan Threat
  12. EW: Drake Bell says a Drake & Josh reboot is in the works: ‘We have a great idea’
  13. TUN: Temple Student Government announces two executive teams for 2019-20 campaign
  14. TUN: Temple-related mumps cases reach 86 students
  15. TUN: Temple will hold two free walk-in vaccination clinics to combat mumps outbreak
  16. NYT: Teenager Arrested in Charlottesville After Racist Online Threat Shuts Schools for 2 Days
  17. BBC: US Congress given key [Mueller Report] findings from Attorney General Barr
  18. WHIP News: Why People are Protesting Matthew Whitaker’s Appointment

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