Music Director Ryan Mahoney’s take on Future and Drake


“What a Time to Be Alive” had the internet in a frenzy when the rumors started swirling about a Drake and Future collaboration project. There were fake websites popping up, fake cover art circling and more.

Finally though, after a few weeks of this hype Drake finally dropped the whole project on his radio show then on iTunes shortly after.

This project was one of the most hyped and anticipated in recent memory. Did it live up to the hype? “Ehhh kind of,” Mahoney says.

Drake stated before playing the album that it only took 6 days to make this project and at some points it defiantly sounds like it.

I could do without the songs Digital Dash and Big Rings. This project, with mostly Metro Boomin production, sounds like a Future featuring Drake project rather then something for both of them. At some points it defiantly feels forced.

This project also has clear stand out hits like Diamonds Dancing, Jumpman, Live From the Gutter, and Plastic Bag. The project then seems to be tied together at the end by two solo tracks from each artist. Overall, this project is still one of the better ones of the year and how can it not be with two of the biggest artists in rap right now. I would give this project a solid 8 out of 10.


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