Power Hour Muzik Interviews Art The Band


ART the Band is a dynamic five-piece collective originating from Toronto, Ontario. The ensemble consists of instrumentalists, David Maclean (bassist), Nick Marshall (trombonist), Austin Gembora (drummer), Stewart Brignell (saxophonist), and Sean Clarey (guitarist). ART the Band originally formed with three of the members, Clarey, Marshall, and Maclean, who attended the same high school and performed in all ages shows as the only instrumental ensemble. They gave themselves the unique moniker because their vast range of musical influences allows for them to create music that is not tied to a single genre.

It was while the three attended Humber College in Ontario, that the two remaining members Gembora and Brignell became a part of the band. After realizing their undeniably chemistry as a unit the group realized the quickly became a five-piece ensemble, playing shows across Toronto and around the world.  Since forming, the band pulls from their various musical backgrounds to create music they describe as jazz-funk with rhythmic and groove based ideas.

ART the Band stopped by the WHIP studio during their spring tour to talk about their musical influences, dream collaborations and their latest six-track E.P in the works titled “Snacks,” due to release summer 2017.