RECAP: Yungblud Press Conference

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WRITTEN BY: Caitlin McGeehan

“Yungblud is we. Yungblud is us, a culture of people who want to come together to belong somewhere.” 

With his signature pink socks and a bottle of Prosecco from a preceding photoshoot, Yungblud held a virtual press conference to discuss his philosophy in creating his album, Weird!, and the world around it (out this Friday, December 4th!). The Zoom call afforded a sneak peek of the track “Mars,” and a dive into what the album means to him, and more importantly what it means to the Black Hearts Club, the community around Yungblud. 

His first album, 2018’s 21st Century Liability, was “so angry,” with people not understanding who he truly was. It begged the question “Is there anyone out there like me?” Touring and meeting fans around the world proved that there are so many people like him, and Weird! is about those people and their stories.

Weird! is a “direct response” to today’s world and society. Wherever you are in trying to figure out your identity, Yungblud encourages you to be proud of it. Despite the pressure to have all the answers about yourself and who you are, it is okay to not know them yet. Wear what you want, love who you love, be who you are, and be proud of it all. The Black Hearts Club and Yungblud as a whole is built on making people feel like they belong. 

The cover art depicts different versions of Yungblud that represent the people of the album. The intention is for it to say “a million things at once” and mean different things to each person looking at it, the rocker detailed. 

Songs like the sexual liberation anthem “Cotton Candy,” and “Mars” which tells the story of a transgender fan Yungblud met reinforce the message that being yourself is nothing to be ashamed of. In terms of sound, he set out for the final track “Freak Show” to sound like “Eminem meets Panic! At the Disco, meets Queen, meets My Chemical Romance,” which is a remarkable combination. 

Yungblud wants his sophomore album to “be part of someone’s existence,” as he wishes it could have been to him when he was younger.

Growing up in a working class town in England gave Yungblud (known then as Dominic Harrison) a love for rock music, and taught him how to create community. When he began making music, he set out to always tell the truth. There’s no “secret ingredient” or formula to it. He wants to connect with people and tell his truth just as his musical idols Amy Winehouse and Gerard Way have told theirs. “If you’re supposed to understand it, you will,” he assured. 

So many across the globe have understood and identified with Yungblud as a community and culture founded on “equality, humanity, and unity” amongst the younger generation. “Dominic [Harrison] connects to Yungblud in the same way that a fan from Georgia does,” which makes Yungblud even more special. 

Yungblud is bringing rock back as the music and voice of the younger generation. While his anthems are at the forefront of our generation’s playlists, Yungblud is continuing to bring them to life through virtual live shows. His “Weird Time of Life” virtual tour kicks off its U.S. leg this week.

Make sure to check out Yungblud’s album Weird! this Friday, December 4th!


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