Shane Dawson Returns from YouTube Break with New Documentary Series

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WRITTEN BY: Cassandra Dotts

WARNING: Some may not want to watch if are affected by flashes or scary scenarios. Also, if you are under 13, watch with a parent.

February 1, 2019- Youtuber, Shane Dawson, returns from his several month long hiatus with a new documentary series. Following his most recent series that followed around controversial Youtuber, Jake Paul, Dawson is back and ready to give his fans what they have been waiting for. On January 30, 2019, Dawson released Part 1 of “Conspiracy Series”. This series focuses on a subject that Dawson is known for exploring and exploiting on his channel.

As seen on Shane Dawson’s YouTube channel, his first conspiracy theory video was posted on February 9, 2015 titled “Celebrity Conspiracy Theories”. This video racked in a whopping 6,443,701 views with over 100 thousand likes. From the beginning, Dawson’s fans have flocked to his creepy and spine-tingling videos, which lead him to making a plethora of conspiracy videos.

On Dawson’s new series, he focuses on conspiracies such as Apple products, the fires in California over the past few months and virtual reality that swaps people’s faces onto others. While watching Dawson’s video, he placed a credibility meter at the bottom that resemble the sign of the Illuminati. If a video has 4 or 5 colored signs, the conspiracy is more likely to be true while the less colored in are not as credible.

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