SINGLE REVIEW: “Someone Else (Remix)” by Rubber ft. regothereshego & 4VR

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WRITTEN BY: Vince Barreras

Rubber released a new remix of their song “Someone Else.” This isn’t a typical remix with a few changes here and there, this is basically a brand-new song. For anyone who may not have listened to the original track the first time around, Rubber’s “Someone Else” was a straightforward R&B track. On its surface the track is great, the lyrics flow through the beats nicely and Andrew Loper’s voice is really commanding throughout the track.

Now take this new remix which includes Philadelphia artists 4VR, and regothereshego. Instead of opening the track with a couple percussion beats, this new remix opens up with a fully new revitalization of the original track, with whirling synths, trap instrumentation, and much more layered vocals. The addition of these new artists lets the track go deeper than before. regothereshego’s vocals are incredible, and add more texture to the remix. The combination of her voice and the deep bass beats bring the listener to another universe.

As if the original track weren’t good enough, this remix takes the song to another level and adds more vocal layers and musical textures that make this song addictive to listen to. People should run to this track immediately, and check out the featured artists — they are incredibly talented. Support independent Philly artists, they are some of the best around.


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