The Dandy Warhols ‘Rock & Roll’ at the TLA

To start things off, I am a fan of punk, ska, and hardcore. The more crowd surfing and stage diving, the better. I live for those shows; the violence, the intensity, all of it. On September 26th, however, I went to see The Dandy Worhols and Bonfire Beach at the Theatre of Living Arts on South Street. As soon as I got into the venue, I was taken back by the mellowness of the crowd and the lack of security guards. I knew this show would be different than what I was used to.

Los Angeles natives Bonfire beach opened the show, and set the mood perfectly. A sound reminiscent of 90s grunge acts like Hole and Nirvana mixed together with the surfy, neo-indie feel of Wavves, the band delivered a guitar effects-laden set that made my hardcore heart take a chill pill. I was blown away by the Lana Del Rey-esque vocals by frontwoman “Dexy V.” Their half-hour set made me excited for the Dandy Worhols; I knew I was in for a treat.
Headlining act The Dandy Worhols needs no introduction. Formed in 1994, this band promises to deliver a great blend of alternative and psychedelic rock. Opening with “Be In,” the TLA went from a quiet, seemingly sleepy venue, to a roar of fans screaming their lyrics. Halfway through the set, The Dandy Worhols played fan favorite “Cool as Kim Deal” as a surprise. This is one of the few songs by them that I know, so I, along with the rest of the crowd, lost our minds. The strobe light and disco ball saturated show was ended with an acoustic version of “Every Day Should be a Holiday,” another favorite.
Overall, Bonfire Beach and The Dandy Worhols played a stellar set. As someone who does not really listen to much alternative rock, I came in skeptical, but left a fan. I look forward to seeing these bands the next time around.
Written by Tyler Carmody and Pictures by Jenny Choi



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