The Strypes @ Underground Arts



The Strypes rocked Underground Arts on Saturday night to kick off their new US tour. They’re a rock and roll group from Cavan, Ireland. The Strypes started playing together before they were even teenagers. The Strypes have released two subsequent EPs since the release of their first album Spitting Image. The Demos EP featured acoustic versions of tracks from the album which demonstrate their versatility through familiar tracks performed in a softer manner, not often associated with the band. Almost True, released in late 2017 featured 3 brand new tracks and one live cover of “Summertime Blues.” In this EP, The Strypes showcase their now trademark accomplished playing ability with some of their wittiest lyrics yet whilst not forgetting how to be catchy. Since the release of Spitting Image, The Strypes have toured Europe, The US, Japan and spent the Summer of 2017 performing at festivals in the UK, Europe and Japan. They look forward to getting back on the road in early 2018, with a tour of Europe, supporting Paul Weller on his UK arena tour, a return to SXSW and a following tour of the US.


The rock and roll band started their show as other rock and roll bands do, late. However, once they hit the first stage the underground bar rocked. Never hearing much of their music before going to this concert I can definitely say I have been hooked on the songs “Great Expectations” and “Scumbag” ever since. The band heavily reminded me of classic rock and roll bands. It is nice to see that rock is not dead and the Strypes are still carrying out rock and roll traditions all over the United States and Europe. This is a band I recommend seeing if they are ever in your city they have their own special sound and aesthetic about them.  

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Set List:

  1. Rollin & Tublin
  2. Eighty-Four
  3. Cruel Brunette
  4. Holidays
  5. Black shades
  6. Freckle & Burn
  7. Easy Riding
  8. Angel Eyes
  9. Get into it
  10. Behind Closed Doors
  11. Great Expectations
  12. Mystery Man
  13. What A Shame
  14. Drive You Home
  15. Scumbag