7 Rings or 7 Apologies

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WRITTEN BY: Lindsay Muraskin

Will Ariana Grande ever catch a break? The pop-star new single is currently creating a stir in the industry. Aside from rappers claiming the singer stole the song from them, Grande is receiving backlash and apologizing for some racial controversy.

Many questioned some of the lines in the song, however, this uproar started when Grande republished then deleted a fan’s Instagram story using the line “You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it…”  

While Grande had no intention to offend anyone, she later wrote how she was “so sorry” if she offended anyone and had “so much love” for her fans. The Shade Room posted the incident on their page which led to Grande responding in the comments with a lengthy apology.

Aside from this backlash and the claims from some rappers that she stole the song from then, her new single has been doing extremely well. The song, “7 Rings,” broke Spotify’s record for most streams with the first 24 hours. A whopping 15 million streams. It remains as number one on the charts in several countries, almost a week later,

Following this incident, she also announced her upcoming album, “Thank U, Next.” The album, which includes the songs “7 Rings,” Thank U, Next,” and ten others is expected to drop February 10. This would be her second album released in a matter of six months. The album is available for pre-order and we can expect some more surprises in the upcoming weeks.  



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