A Tense Week Around the World | WHIP News Crackdown

SUNDAY 12/02 | The past week or so has been a volatile one on the world stage. We’ve got some startling developments regarding Michael Cohen and the Special Council. Plus, tensions are flaring up on multiple fronts across the globe as Russia antagonizes Ukraine, migrants reach the southern US border, and British forces encounter resistance in Afghanistan. And of course, we’ve got news from Temple’s Campus.

For credits and attributions: See the last 30 seconds of the video.

Referenced Sources

1) Cohen Pleads Guilty to Lying to Congress About Trump/Russia Ties

2) Martial Law Imposed in Ukraine

3) Tear Gas Deployed at US-Mexico Border Against Migrant Caravan

4) Taliban Assault British Outpost in Kabul

5) Manafort Plea Deal Falls Through

Temple Campus News

6) Temple’s AEPi chapter removed from campus

7) Temple University Swinging Voices and Swinging Owls 8

8) Temple University World Aids Day Panel

9) Annual Holiday Book Sale, Temple University Press


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