Singles of the Week 1/19/14

By: Kevin Schoenfeld

A weekly review of the newest songs to be released and set to impact mainstream/rhythmic radio:

Have to say this has been the best week in music thus far for 2014! These hot new releases are sure to be coming to a radio station near you.

The Man by Aloe Blacc –

Vocalist and writer of Avicii’s global hit Wake Me Up is now taking center stage with a smash of his own. This catchy R&B/Pop track is already #2 on iTunes! Aloe’s melodious lyrics combines with the background chorus and instrumentals make for the ideal mainstream hit. Listening to this song gives off an empowering feeling; I foresee this song doing very well on the charts and for good reason.

I’m A Freak (feat. Pitbull) by Enrique Iglesias –

Enrique Iglesias is at it again! His latest single is definitely one of his best in recent memory. This catchy dance-pop song is your typical Enrique hit with Pitbull as the feature to boot. Will make for a popping club song.

Loyal (feat. Lil Wayne & French Montana) by Chris Brown –

The beat in this song is truly what makes it such a dope track. It’s got an excellent flow and catchy lyrics. Chris Brown’s vocals are mesmerizing while Lil Wayne and French Montana’s rapping compliment quite nicely. On par with Love More in terms of its upbeat feel. Another killer party track from Chris that gets me excited for what else his highly anticipated album X will bring!

Happy by Pharrell Williams –

This optimistic tune has all the components of a sure to-be hit. Its pretty simplistic in nature lyrically, but the beat is funky and smooth almost reminiscent of Pharell’s production of Blurred Lines, except this song is definitely G rated. Song just makes you feel happy with its appealing clapping and chorus in the background. Already #4 on iTunes! No surprise if this track makes it to number 1.  If overplayed, however, I could see Happy getting quite annoying.


Just Another Night by Icon Pop –

Just Another Night is essentially just another Icona Pop song. Nothing too notable about the track as doesn’t nearly live up to their previous hits I Love It and All Night. Song has a much slower tempo and exhibits their true vocal abilities without any auto tune. Different feel from other tracks, overall not bad though and worth a listen.

Show Me (feat. Chris Brown) by DJ Mustard –

The distinct element of this song is its sick electronic beat. It’s literally one of the most soothing, futuristic beats I’ve ever heard with a Hip-Hop track in quite some time, must accredit DJ Mustard with that. Kid Ink and Chris Brown’s vocals work perfectly interchangeably with one another. This catchy “player” anthem is finally getting its well-deserved airplay. If you haven’t done so already check this song out!

Human by Christina Perri –

This downtempo pop song is surely to provoke emotion. Complimented by a slow piano beat like her previous hit Jar Of Hearts, this song really showcases her amazingly talented singing abilities. As the first single off her second studio album, Head or Heart, the track is definitely not for everyone.


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