Adult Swim On The Green @ Ulysses Wiggins Waterfront Park


If you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside the mind’s of the various creators of Adult Swim shows, the Adult Swim on the Green Tour pulls back the curtain for the most devoted fans. The tour was held at The Wiggins Waterfront Park, which was completely transformed for the night. The candy-colored striped banners, giant screen on the lawn, sassy guy on the PA and vibrant flickering lights made me forget that I was in Camden. Also, let’s not forget the line of food trucks packed with greasy, delicious food waiting to be devoured.

By Allie Amato

Truly catering to their target market, Adult Swim offered a food voucher with the purchase of your ticket and it was redeemable at any food truck. Yeah, like literally the world was your oyster. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I went to a food truck that made pizza in front of you in under five minutes. I think it’s important to note this was not a personal pizza, but this was actually a medium sized pizza I got all to myself. Then if that didn’t fill me up, which it didn’t (small girl, big appetite) , attendees also received free popcorn as well as a candy of their choice. While you ate, everyone was free to roam the park and participate in the various giveaways Adult Swim set up. Prizes ranged from posters or small trinkets to really winning big with a “Legalize Ranch” neon green hat.


By Allie Amato

Once everyone fell into their satisfying food coma, the pilots began to roll. This experience was pretty immersive due to the fact Adult Swim followed their programming format by showing odd commercials coupled with their classic black screen punctuated with snarky introductions in white font. This was great because it felt at moments I was just watching TV at my apartment. I don’t want to give away too much about the shows but, what I can say is they didn’t disappoint. Everyone went through the regular waves of what happens when you watch Adult Swim shows, there were laughs, “huh?”s, even louder laughs, and several gasps. Adult Swim definitely made sure there was a pilot that satisfied all viewers specific alternative comedy tastes. Then of course, there was an appearance of everyone’s favorite old man and teen tag team, you know who I’m talking about. This was the perfect Schezwan sauce on top of a Mc Nugget of a night.

I left the event with a full stomach, human-sized poster, and sore face from all the laughter and gasping. Adult Swim on the Green was an event unlike any other, and if you missed it then my condolences to you. This is an event that I hope returns to us next year, not only because us Adult Swim fans deserve it but we need it.