Temple Links Social Media with Business


With the advent of social media, the Vice President for Research Administration at Temple created the event, “Social Media Marketing: Get the Word Out.”

Temple’s Blackstone Launchpad, a program and resource available to students who are interested in entrepreneurship as a career path, sponsored the event.

CEO of Femme and Fortune and Temple alum Melissa Alam started her company in order to empower women to turn their dreams and passions into viable businesses and careers.

Alam shared a few tips on how she turned her social media platform into a successful business to motivate others to do the same.

“I just post everything,” Alam said. “The fact that stories evolved on Instagram really helped my personal brand within the past few months. I’m just nonchalantly posting about my every day, and I think people really like the authenticity. I’m really trying to be transparent when it comes to running my own business and my schedule.”

Alam shares how running a business is not this glamorous lifestyle that is seen in the media, but it takes hard work and diligence in order to be successful. There are no shortcuts or overnight successes when it comes to building a business. She also gives advice on how people who want to start their businesses can get a jump start.

“The thing that you have to do, and what I’m still doing now, is to keep learning,” Alam said. “Keep growing your skill set. Learn how to design. Learn these hard skills to really set yourself apart from other people and network.”

One of the key components stressed to obtaining any successful business is consistency.